Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Real Division Between Church and State

I've heard some people say that there was never supposed to be a sepaeration between church and state. That separation was really just a mininterpretation. I think I understand what it is supposed to be. I thank God for the faith and wisdom to understand better...

The forefathers founded the nation on Christian principles. The intention was to prohibit the state from interferring with the internal practices of the church (and other religious organizations). That way the people have a close and uninhibited connection with God (or whoever their god is). The people then come out of the church doors (or other religious institutions) and govern the state. If the people choose to adorn their government buildings with religious symbols, they can do so, because they have authority over the government, in the majority vote. They agree to a common law, and the government serves the people by enforcing that law. The point is that the govenernment does not have the authority to establish (the Establishment clause) any religion. The government is under the people, who are under their God (or gods).

So... does the State establish the Church upon the People? No. But does the Church establish the State? Also no. The People establish the State. If the People come from the Church, then the Church has a lot of legal influence over the State. If the People don't come from the Church... then we shall see what happens in the future of America.


Blogger Jon said...

God originally created us to be His people, and He our God. He did not intend for there to even be king over His people. God allowed for prophets, then judges, then kings, because of the continuous hardening of people's hearts. After Christ's sacrifice, the Spirit was poured out. The curtain in the Temple ripped open, and God's people were once again reunited with Him! Allelujah! Now as we go about our lives, we can rule ourselves and maintain our direct connection to God, without kings, judges, or prophets, because of Jesus! :) By God's grace we employ democracy instead of a monarchy to live in peace with our brothers and neighbors and share God's love with them, with the hope that God will give or strengthen their faith as well.

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