Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Classic Arguments From an Illegal Alien

It’s always a wonderful thing to hear about people who can get a second chance at life.  But, suppose you were denied a chance to live, because someone else cheated to take your place.  How would you feel then?
The Chicago Tribune has recently run a story regarding an illegal allien, Jorge Mariscal, who was able to a receive a kidney transplant at Loyola University Medical Center.  The article said that he waited 8 years due to his status.  Mariscal talks about his frustration about the healthcare system’s attitude towards illegals:
But he remains frustrated with a health care system that he worries might leave out an untold number of illegal immigrants in need of lifesaving treatments.
“Why can’t we be treated the same?” he asked while sitting in his hospital room. “Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. At least give us the chance to fight for our lives with dignity.”
Interesting that he asked, ‘Why can’t we be treated the same?’  …That is quite correct.  It is important that all humans be subject to the same laws, as it is law that protects human life, liberty, and property.  Laws are supposed to be what prevent cheaters from prospering while honest people receive the short end of the stick.
But is that what happened here?  Not exactly.
What the article failed to mention was that according to the United Network for Organ Sharing, there were 116,734 candidates for organ transplants since Saturday.  In addition, KidneyList.org states:
The average waiting time for a kidney is three to five years, depending on blood type.
Clearly this is a tough situation. No one wants to see someone go through pain and suffering, but is this fair to legally residing waiting-list candidates that certain folks can come to the US illegallyand jump right in line? By saying that health care is a human right and this illegal immigrant deserves this kidney, then what would you say to lawful citizens of the United States that would not be ‘treated the same’ as an illegal immigrant that broke laws to get into our country?
These tough questions may not ever have definitive answers, but if there is one thing that is clear it is that the US government needs to start talking about some very serious and comprehensive immigration reform that works for everyone.

His quote is just riddled with backwards logic and racism. Racists truly believe that when something bad happens to them, it's because of their race. The less they consider other factors, the more racist they are. It's easier, safer, and more effective to be a racist by claiming the victim role, than to try to point out and judge the racially-motivated actions of others.

It seems that most illegal immigrants don't recognize that what they're doing is wrong. Their thinking is that if it was really wrong to walk into another country, it would have fallen apart a long time ago. The fact that it's working is their proof that it's the right thing to do. They're partially drunk and lustful about the thought of claiming ownership (stealing) cities, land, businesses, and millions of goods and services.

It really hurts to watch, but we have to stay focused on the bigger picture, and keep the peace. It's nice to think that since they're in charge (or soon to be) how are they going to pay the national debt? It falls on their shoulders. Many of our problems we won't have to worry about. Let's just keep the peace and share God's love with everyone, so that we can reach the lost, and live out our lives in peace.

It's the greatest robbery the world has ever seen and ever will see. Let's give the greatest loving Christian response.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

My Church Could Not Handle My Interracial Marital Problems

This is a letter that I wrote to someone as we've been trying to resolve some issues that have been affecting my family, which have brought some of our church's problems to the fore also:

I was thinking about everything you were saying in our phone conversation, and I took some notes as well. This is what I wrote down:

  • putting pressure on some of the people
  • pastor was distraught about my situation
  • you cautioned Pastor not to get too involved in our lives at the time 
  • I was reaching out in ways that seemed inappropriate
  • my thinking is distorted
  • at some point I have to more careful on how I use relationships

I've come to some conclusions. I can partly agree that I can be judgmental. I've seen it in myself, and other people have told me the same thing. And certainly that has caused some harm.

In addition, I see in our conversation that a familiar pattern emerged. The lifestyle that I experienced with Lety has had a similar effect on other people also. We lived a life together that was more than most people could handle. They were not the usual set of good and bad events. It's primarily the stress that is caused from living in a interracial marriage. But there are also steep differences in economic upbringing, religious views, moral standards in the home, male/female expectations, and the general outlook on life: its purpose, its significance, etc. But on top of that, we have what you have probably correctly identified as judgmental attitude on my part, and I'll add to that an idealistic disposition to the point of being a detriment, and we also have Lety's PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder just for clarity, from long-term childhood abuse that started at an early age.

Also, "The two become one." So for the last 10 years, or the last 6 since we got married in '05, you have seen me as a married person, who's thinking is changed to incorporate his wife as well. "They are no longer two, but one." A single man and the same man as a married man are two different beings. But that man, married to that woman, made for a being that most people had strong opinions about, and they were not favorable opinions.

The results were too much for most people to handle. That's why Pastor *** was so distraught about how to help us. I have seen that most  are very disturbed by our problems. To this day someone I know cannot get a handle on the complexities of the court involvement, which consistently puts me in situations that are dangerous from a legal perspective. I personally love seeing how God's power is made perfect in all those tons of weaknesses, but yes, it has been too much, and too much for me, too.

On top of that, when we're having problems, and need help, it's even greater in complexity.

I think the right thing to do is get things cleared with Pastor ***. A pastor should always be able to help his parishioners. I think in this case I'm glad to say that I may be helping my church prepare better for the future by preparing to help not just whites married to Mexicans, but to help Americans cope with and work with Mexicans here as they grow in numbers, inevitably receiving citizenship, even though they don't even really want to be in this country or ever be called Americans. I have a plethora of information on this subject, especially because of my degree in family development, and I can be helpful in offering this information for study so that Pastor *** and other pastors can be prepared.

If the pastor doesn't help his parishioner, like in this case, the parishioner should go to the next pastor, I think that would be called the circuit pastor, correct? Regardless, we have to clear this up.

Oh, I was also going to say that sometimes I think even elders can get too comfortable with simple matters in the church, and the peace we've all enjoyed for so long, and not be ready for when problems like this come around. So my job is to go to the next pastor and explain the situation.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

This Abuse Can Be Stopped

Please support my brother's fundraiser on Indiegogo.com

Please help stop my brother's ex's abuse at home and in court, and save both the kids and his fatherhood. Her legal team presses on with tax $$. We've run out.

The Sad Story

In the first week that my brother Jon met his wife in 2001, she held a knife to his throat. According to what he says, she continues to call her own children stupid, ugly, dogs, and witches (2010 to Present). She once told my brother, “I have to hurt people when I feel bad so they'll know how I feel.” She has also told him, “I have to fight with you in front of the children so they'll learn how to defend themselves.” (2011) She said, "I will never apologize to you for anything ever again," in 2010 and then reasserted it twice in 2011. One of the saddest ones that I remember was regarding an eviction she was facing in 2011 of her own undoing. She said to the 5-year-old on the phone talking to my brother, "Tell him that you don't love him." I can imagine the fear, hurt, and sadness that little girl must have felt.

Since they met, she has brandished a knife on him twice (2000, 2011) and wished him dead three times (2011). She has shaken, violently forced, and angrily pulled the hair and bodies of her own children, and beaten them with a stick on the bare bottom, and with a remote control about the legs and arms, a total of 9 times - that we know of - over the past several years (2005-2012).

They lived together from 2006 to 2009 but then they separated and Jon came to live with me. She moved in with a landlady that Jon had found for her before they were married. But she was quickly evicted within 3 weeks. She told the children that the eviction was their fault for being too loud. She told Jon it was his fault for screaming at her, but Jon said that he never raised his voice at her, even though she screamed at him every time he picked up the kids.

What is really scary is that she denies doing most of these things.

There are too many stories of neglect to recount all of them here. But you need to know that it's getting worse. This past April, she said, “If you don't stop fighting (they weren't even fighting) I'm going to grab your hands and burn them on the stove! And I don't care if I go to jail!” (April, 2012) The 3-year-old said she has had nightmares from that comment (June, 2012).

My brother just told me that she is sending all three children to see a possibly Muslim counselor, and we are Christians (June to Present, 2012), and she herself continues to scream obscenities and is not getting any help. I can't imagine a 3-year-old or a 5-year-old, or even a 9 year-old, in a room with a stranger getting into their heads for 45 minutes. On top of that, she is not even asking her children what is happening in their counseling, to “respect their privacy.”

She has brought in-fighting and bitterness into our family with calculated lies to particular individuals about others (2010-2011).

In court, she twisted Jon's warnings that her behaviors will end her up in jail or the hospital, turning them into a threat that he, my brother, would put her in jail or the hospital, if she didn't stay married to him. He said that this was her entire testimony, and it got her Order of Protection renewed. Jon had no defense council, and everything he said was met with objections from her team of lawyers for improper wording, until the judge suggested to him that he accept the new OP and come back with his own allegations and a lawyer.

Since then our family has given Jon $7500 in his defense, but our help has run out. However, his ex-wife gets multiple free lawyers without limit, even though she is an illegal alien!

Jon always wanted to help a Hispanic immigrant learn about the country. He earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in Family Development from Northern Illinois University in 1999. Jon has a wonderful loving relationship with his children, and they have become and are becoming early readers, writers and musicians, loving God and their neighbors, because of the Lord's work through him and his talents, and his ex-wife's proud support of the success. But conversely, he said that his ex-wife has said that she hates children in general, even though she loves her own, and never knows what to do with them (2004, 2008, 2009). It is understandable that some people are not "kid" people. But the comment shows how much more valuable Jon's relationship with his children is.

His ex-wife has not recently pulled hair or hit them violently with an object. Jon says that she tends to become a lot nicer whenever she has a court date coming up. On Sept. 6, 2012 the judge will reconsider her “order of protection.” But in the meantime, she continues to try to push Jon away from his children, refusing court-ordered phone time for him (Jan - July, 2012) and unsuccessfully calling DCFS over normal parenting matters (June, 2012). He said that she used to say back in 2011 when he was allowed to talk to her, “I can't force the children to talk to you if they don't want to.” She is also continuing to call her own children stupid, idiot, and other names, and cuss out both their father and her new live-in boyfriend in front of them.

The Lesson

Jon now realizes that it was wrong to marry her after the birth of their first child, and that a sense of obligation does not equate to love. He made a couple mistakes with her that resulted in legal action, but he has repented and has not repeated the errors. Medication was at the root of those problems and that problem has been corrected as well. He knows that love for God through Christ Jesus is first, and that that love manifests itself in a loving marriage. He said he also realized through his association with so many illegal immigrants on his ex-wife's side of the family, that they don't particularly want to become part of our “American family.” They just want to be their own people with jobs and money, he says, They would prefer to go home to work if they could find it. Otherwise they prefer to keep to their own sub-culture within the U.S., but stay apart from "Americans," or in other words, the dominant white culture.

He also believes, based on his education and experience, that his ex-wife developed a pathology from her abusive childhood development. He says that she suffered repeated physical trauma to the head by her own mother, and also emotional deprivation from very rarely hearing the words, “I love you,” from her. She now suffers from constant headaches to loud noise, chronic upper back pain, and emotional detachment. And anger is her primary discipline tool. He says this is based on stories she has related and personal experience with her.

His ex-wife's convictions and legal findings include:
  1. Unlawful entry into the United States, banned from the reentry into the U.S. for 5 years, US Immigration and Naturalization Service, 2000
  2. Shoplifting, Misdemeanor, 2000
  3. Failure to Appear in Court, Misdemeanor, 2000
  4. Evidence of Child Neglect, DCFS, 2003
  5. Domestic Battery, Spousal Abuse, Misdemeanor, 2007
  6. Shoplifting, Misdemeanor, 2011
Detailed information has been removed to protect her identity.

Jon says that she hasn't been arrested for more of her abuses because he's been trying to keep her out of the System and “take the rap” for her. This way she would not worsen her record and get deported, and devastate the children. He said that he would sometimes actually divert her aggression towards him to get her away from the kids. 

If there were enough money, we would devote:

  • $5,000 to a family law lawyer, to end the order of protection lies and illuminate the need for his ex-wife's abuse counseling.
  • $2,000 to his ex-wife's counseling, and medication if necessary.
  • $2,000 to Jon's daily living expenses and provide a cushion so he can get up to speed economically. He hasn't been able to find and hold a good job because of the depression and constant court appearances.
  • $2,000 to give Jon's children some enjoyable things, like park district activities and classes, a trip to the water park, a used trumpet for the fourth-grader, and maybe a weekend vacation to get away from the problems and children's the cramped 1-bedroom apartment with mom and her boyfriend.
  • $3000 to an immigration lawyer so she can gain lawful residency, start a life for herself, and not be deported and separated from the children.
  • $300 to a Google AdWords campaign to spread the word.
  • $1076, 7%, for Indiegogo's fees

For your kind gifts, are prepared to offer the following:
  • $100: Links to their daughter Kathy's original songs, and the children's short movie, David, Celeste, and Goliath. (unlimited)
  • $500: Personal thank-you cards from the children and Jon. (Unlimited)
  • $1000: A bag of homemade “hamburger cookies,” chocolate frosting between 2 vanilla wafers. The kids are so proud that they developed this idea at home with their dad! (10)

The Impact

Jon believes that with more intervention, his ex-wife can stop her abusive and neglectful behaviors. With your help we will accomplish these goals: 
  • Save my brother's relationship with his children
  • End the court battle, and the falsified "Order of Protection"
  • End the mother's abuse toward the children through proper intervention
  • Possibly even salt the earth in the court system to help bring fairness to fathers

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't help financially, please use the Indiegogo tools to share this campaign with others.

Thank you all for your time and compassion. We know it is the Lord working in you, and I pray that He will give back to you 100 times what you give to us.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Come See the Show

My 5-year-old daughter gave me a ticket to the show, and also gave me a job as the Ticket Checker. The show was about to begin and I had to check all the tickets of the stuffed animals in the theatre. But like I usually do, I had to come up with a question or two to give our time together more quality. "Excuse me, ma'am," I told her respectfully, pointing to some of the animals, "but these people are telling me that they don't have any tickets, they don't need tickets, and when I try to approach them about it, they call me a racist."

She didn't know or even care what a racist was, but she showed me another animal who was in the "wings" of the theatre in her bedroom. "Well," she said, "I'm letting him see the show from here because he didn't have any money to buy a ticket, so I said he could see the show from here for free."

"So you're going to let them sit in the seats watch the show for free also?"


I thought I'd take it a little farther. "But this one," I said, pointing to another animal, "took someone's good ticket and copied it! So she's stealing a ticket, and not paying you the money."

She examined the two tickets carefully, trying hard to see if they were both really legitimate tickets. She wanted to say it was really a good ticket, but she couldn't. I kept pointing out fraudulent marks to hold to the point. She finally turned her attention to the animals who forged tickets and concluded, "These animals were wondering around and heard about the show and wanted to bring in something to show that they knew about it."

"Maybe we could set up a section just for the people who don't have tickets. They could stand in the back."

I said, "They won't be able to see the show from there. And there are already people who want to stand in the back."

I got the impression that she would never have them leave and miss the show. I was impressed by her compassion and her insistence to perform the show for anyone who wanted to see it. But I was still convinced by my legalistic approach and tried one more time.

"Well, the person who you let copy the ticket knew you would let her stay, and she told her friends and gave them copies of the ticket also. So now you don't have one, but three fake tickets. And they're fighting with the people who bought seats the right way, and hurting them!"

She was alarmed and told me, "I will make them stop fighting. And if they do it again, I will not let them in! I also have a manager I have to go to. I just run the show. But I'll just go to my phone over here," she interrupted herself, "It's a pretend phone. But I'll just call 911. Now we have to start the show! I don't want to deal with tickets anymore."

After having done the best job I could as the Ticket Checker, I felt so ashamed of my legalistic behavior, and in awe of the compassion she had on the people who wanted to see the show. She never once compromised the system, or abused her authority. But she kept revealing to me more of how the system works, as well as the compassion and understanding she had to try to take in the people, all the people, who wanted to see the show.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Total Freedom in Christ

On March 28, I found this question posted by "Plantlady159" at Yahoo!Answers:

I got this chain email saying that if we stop buying gas from the top gasoline companies like Exxon/Mobile and go to the cheaper vendors only like Delta, ect. that it will force the higher vendors to drop their price. Do you think this is true?.........I think it is possible, but this could also force the cheaper vendors to raise prices eventually and everything will be the same again.

In respose, I said:

As a Christian, I strive to live with eyes of faith, rather than eyes for the things in front of me.
Actually, there is nothing wrong with them demanding so much for their product. That's of the free commerce system, it's the best system in the world because of just that: FREEDOM. As Jesus said, "If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed." (John 8:36) We are free economically (Capitalism), free politically (Democracy) free to worship how we choose (Sep. of Church and State) even free from our nuclear families (natural-born citizenship (e.g., babies born here by illegals are citizens)). And most of all, free from our sinful human desires that enslave us (Salvation in Christ) So they are free to demand $4 or more per gal. It's their God-given right. It was prophesied in Revelation, too, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, where it says, "three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!" The oil and wine are the finer things of life, and barley is a staple crop. What a terrible wage to earn for a day's work.
Sounds like doom and gloom? Of course it is, for those who don't know Christ. I hope that's not you, but if it is, then REPENT! For the day is near, as you can see, with eyes on the things of this world. But the fact that you're even alive today to see $4/gal. is part of God's grace and mercy on you. You know He could wipe you off the Earth if He wanted to.
Hope is not on the way, as the 2004 democratic convention tried to persuade us to think. Hope is in Christ, who already paid the price for our sins 2000 years ago. That's TRUE LOVE, for God to come down out of glory and do what we were unable to do in our miserable enslaved condition. So today, I am here to tell you that you are FREE, in Jesus' NAME, even from the choking grip of $4/gal., as it appears to be through eyes set on worldly things.
As for the worldly side of the issue, there are some really thoughtful economic answers as to why this idea doesn't work. See the first link below.

Why boycotting some gas chains won't work - http://www.snopes.com/politics/gasoline/gasout.asp
John 8:36 - http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?book_id=50&chapter=8&verse=36&version=31&context=verse
Rev. 6:6 - http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?book_id=73&chapter=6&verse=6&version=31&context=verse

I tried to respond to this question, but apparently my post somehow got deleted. I saw it there once, but every time I go back to the question now, my response is not there.

Monday, August 07, 2006

100 Spanish Words In 5 Minutes

I'd like to share a trick to the Spanish language, and make it easier for people to communicate with other people in Spanish. I think we can do it 5 minutes, too!

I also understand that a lot of people may be frustrated with the problems of illegal immigration, and the loss of traditional American values to other cultures. I personally think God has a great plan in mind, and I think it's exciting. I would appreciate your thoughts and comments about this as well, and if it's God's will I'd like to make my career to help deal with the issue so people can stay focused on the Lord.

Anyway, the most versatile lesson in the Spanish language is the "tion" rule. It's very simple: Practically every word that ends in -tion in English ends in -cion in Spanish.

There you go! Over 100 words under your belt, with one simple rule. Now that you know it, you'll just need to know how to pronounce the words so that you can communicate. I think we still have about 4 minutes left!

In Spanish the consonants are mostly the same. The main thing is that the "h" is usually silent, and the "g" makes the "h" sound. The vowels are different, but they don't change like they do in English. So here are the sounds of the vowels:

a: Like the first "o" in "honor"
e: sounds like "a" as in "Savior"
i: sounds like the "e" sound as in "peace"
o: long English o sound like in "bone" (of my bones)
u: Like the "u" in "Truth"

The vowels don't even form new sounds when they're togther. So "tion" in English is pronounced "shun," but "cion" in Spanish is pronounced "see-own."I almost forgot about accents. But we probably still have about a minute left. Most words that end in "cion" are accented on the "o." So the sound of "cion" is made "see-OWN." To make it easier, it's usually written with an accent mark on the "o."

There! How was it? Did you find SATISFACCIÓN? Now your IMITACIÓN of the Spanish language will bring ELACIÓN to your CONVERSACIÓNES in Spanish. Part of my life's work is to take out the FRUSTRACIÓN of working with others who have recently gone through an IMIGRACIÓN process. I want everyone to find SALVACIÓN in Christ the Lord, who brought about a TRANSFORMACIÓN in the crown of the CREACIÓN, which is us. By the way, as you can probably tell, practically every word is written just as it is spoken. Now was that a good use of 5 minutes? :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Real Division Between Church and State

I've heard some people say that there was never supposed to be a sepaeration between church and state. That separation was really just a mininterpretation. I think I understand what it is supposed to be. I thank God for the faith and wisdom to understand better...

The forefathers founded the nation on Christian principles. The intention was to prohibit the state from interferring with the internal practices of the church (and other religious organizations). That way the people have a close and uninhibited connection with God (or whoever their god is). The people then come out of the church doors (or other religious institutions) and govern the state. If the people choose to adorn their government buildings with religious symbols, they can do so, because they have authority over the government, in the majority vote. They agree to a common law, and the government serves the people by enforcing that law. The point is that the govenernment does not have the authority to establish (the Establishment clause) any religion. The government is under the people, who are under their God (or gods).

So... does the State establish the Church upon the People? No. But does the Church establish the State? Also no. The People establish the State. If the People come from the Church, then the Church has a lot of legal influence over the State. If the People don't come from the Church... then we shall see what happens in the future of America.